Brian Noel


Brian - West Point Band

Frequently Asked Questions




Do you perform outdoors?

Yes.  The only requirements are shade and a flat surface

How do you structure your fees?

Fees are based on total time performing and number of musicians. Fees generally begin at $250 and go up from there.

What do you wear?

It depends on the event.  For formal events, tuxedos and formal black are standard attire. For less formal events, coat and tie for men and black skirts over white blouses for women are standard.

How portable is the harp?

It can go up and down stairs with two people carrying the instrument fairly easily.

I have a vocalist I’d like to perform with you. Can you work with singers?

Yes, but a rehearsal before the event is necessary.  I also work with my own professional vocalists.

We are getting married at an outdoor venue. Do you have any special requirements?

At outdoor venues, shade and a flat surface (concrete or short grass) is required.  I can bring a small portable amp, or plug in to the house system if you are using a sound engineer.

How many performers should I hire?

I usually tell people the size of your ensemble should reflect the size of your audience.  I think solo harp works well for 75 guests or less.  If you have a larger guest list than that, you may wish to consider adding flute, violin, or cello to beef up the sound level.

Do you stay after the ceremony and play for cocktails or the reception?

Yes, often we cover cocktails and even the reception.  Guests always comment on how wonderful it is to have live, classical harp music at their event rather than a DJ or recorded music.

Do you play for memorial services?

Yes, I have both religious and secular music for memorial services that add a touch of beauty to these difficult moments in our lives.

What type of holiday music do you play?

We often play for private parties and corporate events in December.  I have beautiful arrangements of holiday music for solo harp, as well as for harp plus winds and/or strings.




How did you get started playing the harp?

I began playing the harp when I was stationed as a flutist with the United States Military Academy (West Point).  I had studied piano for many years, which made the transition to harp quite natural.  Being at West Point allowed me to play for President Reagan, assembled heads of state at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, and for other dignitaries.  Since moving back to California, I’ve had opportunities to play for hundreds of weddings, musical theatre performances, and orchestral jobs.  Freelancing as a classical musician definitely offers a lot of variety!

What music do you like to play most?

I probably enjoy classical music the most, but also enjoy playing movie music and show tunes.  I love playing solo, but I also very much enjoy working in small ensembles.  The flutists, cellists, and violinists I work with are of such high caliber that I feel privileged to be working with them each time we perform.